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A Christmas Gift To You From Me

This year on my Christmas wish list is an ask for unlimited simultaneous Gifting and Receiving to exist everywhere in the world

Do you know those moments, where everything is melting into one? Those moments where there is peace in your world? 

What if we could have more of this? What if it could be our reality all the time?

What if we could have it by being willing to receive.

What if you being YOU - is the greatest gift you can be to the world (If you stopped judging you)

What if you choosing to receive the gift you be is the greatest invitation for others to choose to receive the gift they be?

This Christmas I am gifting various sessions of Access Bars, Facelift & Body Processes (as hands on sessions) and 1:1 & group sessions on line

All sessions empower you to be the gift to world you truly be

The choice is yours - what do you choose? 


(Sessions to be taken before 28 February 2021)

A Christmas Gift - Bars Session

Having your bars run will at worst make you will feel like you have had an amazing massage but other benefits of having your bars run include:

People and situations that once drove you nuts and created great difficulty in your life suddenly no longer bother you, and are not a problem anymore.

Deep relaxation, while revitalising and energising at the same time.

More ease with every aspect of your life.

Happiness, General depression vanishes for many after just one session.

Most People say they sleep better.

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