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Access Consciousness - Abuse Hold Session

One of the biggest lies that often sticks us is if we were abused, if we experienced some painful trauma then there must be something wrong with us. We must have brought the abuse on ourselves. 

What if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be?

If you - or someone you know - experienced abuse and have come through it and are still looking for something different, you have a tremendous level of courage and strength.

Our body has an amazing capacity to remember and hold on to points of views we lock into it. As time goes on we may forget certain experiences and yet the body can still function from these experiences and we may be at the affect of it. Maybe you are familiar with the Fight, Flight, Freeze mode?

The Access Consciousness Abuse Hold is a hands on body process, which involves you lying down and being held by the facilitator of the process. Creating a space of kindness and nurturing, where your body can release the trauma of abuse on a cellular memory.  

Many people find that verbal counselling is a start to overcome abuse and there is often "something" left. The Access Consciousness Abuse Hold releases this "something" locked into the body - and you do not have to figure out what it is, where it came from or anything else.

Everyone, who has experienced abuse has their own experience of it. If you would like more information on how the Abuse hold may be a contribution to you and your body or to book a session please contact me on 07586 349 410 or e-mail me via the CONTACT FORM 


"I recently went to May Lloyd for an Access Body Process named the "Abuse Hold" treatment. I didn't know what to expect, May made me feel very safe and held whilst running this body process, I felt May was very knowledgeable and also very professional. May Lloyd has given me many access treatments and all of them have benefited my life and moved me into more ease, less stress and anxiety.

Thank you" - CC

If you would like any further information about Abuse Hold sessions please contact me to discuss

To create the greatest change for you and your body it is highly recommended that you listen to the recording of "The Original Clearing the Issue of Abuse" recording for a minimum of 30 times (This can also be on low volume) 

You can download the recording by clicking on the image to the left.

Most people are not taught how to be present with ALL energies - especially those that are uncomfortable and those we don't even know are present in our body!

As a part of booking an Abuse Hold Session with me, you will receive pre-session support as well as support after the session if required. 

Abuse has been part of my life from a very early age.

The tools of Access Consciousness, the Bars and Body Processes - and of course the Access Abuse Hold has contributed so much to my life and living.

I wonder, would you judge the shape or size of a raindrop? Is one right and another wrong?

Or do you look and see how different they are? Each one of them unique and amazing?

What if your body was a raindrop?

Click on the image to read a blog I wrote on changing PTSD in my life. 

In this podcast episode with Freddie Kimmel - "Dr Dain Heer - Breaking the Cycle of Abuse"

Dain Heer very candidly steps into the Beautifully Broken spotlight to discuss breaking the cycle of abuse. It was not long ago that this massive social influencer and world-renowned speaker sketched out a timeline for his own suicide and made careful plans to pull the trigger. His discovery of the Access Consciousness method allowed him to truly heal traumatic abuse suffered as a child and completely redirected his life. Do not miss this episode!

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