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May Lloyd 

This is me and my story

Who am I?

My name is May Lloyd and I am an Access Bars Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator.

Access Consciousness has changed my life - I don't know anyone involved with Access Consciousness, who doesn't say this - so it is not just a cliché.

Access Consciousness has and continues to change my life.

In 2014 I realised how stagnant my life had become, everything had become a routine and there was no time for me. 

I was depressed and stressed but didn't acknowledge this, I just kept getting more and more miserable.

At this time I also had a huge personal trauma in my life and I KNEW it was time to choose something different.

A few years previous I had my bars run, and didn't acknowledge for months, what a change this one treatment had created. It had happened with so much ease.

For this reason I started having my bars run regularly and quickly became aware of the contribution these sessions were to my life over and above what regular counselling could offer.

Access Consciousness invited me to ask questions, which created choice and possibilities in my life beyond what I had been willing to consider before. 

Today - I do not consider myself depressed or stressed - the anxiety and panic attacks are gone - and should I have a cranky day, then I have the tools to get myself out of it!

How does it get better than that? 

How does it get better than that? 


"I have received facilitation on numerous occasions from May. One jumps out particularly although I received a lot from each. May enabled me to perceive truths about how I receive information and how I function in the world which I had never been aware of before. It was a real gamechanger as I had not previously been able to understand what was going on and had always made myself wrong for being different in these ways. Its enabled me to accept myself on a much deeper level and I will always be grateful for that. May has a gift in noticing your gifts and is very intuitive, most often discovering the root of what it is that's underlying your issue. May has a great kindness and allowance and is a lot of fun to be with.. I would not hesitate to recommend her for facilitation" - LV

"Just a few months ago, May and I were having lunch and I asked May if she had any questions around an issue I was a stuck with. In May’s beautiful way, she sat a moment, seemed to step into my world and with one simple question, gave me the awareness to choose something different. That changed my future. There just aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am that May is in my world." - MW

"May's perceptiveness and ability to ask pertinent questions, that peel away layers of acquired, limiting points of view, is amazing. Whilst this is not always comfortable, she has the ability that brings awareness that enables you to change if you choose it." - CG

"I have known May now for a good number of years and see her grow and develop her skills becoming and amazing facilitator. If there is something not shifting in your life, somewhere you feel stuck or uncomfortable, within minutes it's changed. She has an amazing capacity for meeting you where you are and helping you create change with compassion. kindness and ease." - BL

"I recently went to May Lloyd for an Access body process named the 'Abuse Hold' treatment. I didn't know what to expect, May made me feel very safe and held whilst running this body process, I felt May was very knowledgeable and also very professional. May Lloyd has given me many access treatments and all of them have benefited my life and moved me into more ease, less stress and anxiety.

thank you" - CC

Why Sana Me?

That is a good question - and only you can choose if Sana Me is right for you.

I can promise you:

I am potent in running the bars and using the body processes 

Where ever you are in your life I will not make you right or wrong for your choices - past and present.  

I may ask you a question such as "What else is possible?" 

Sessions will create a change - how much depends on your willingness to receive.

At worst you will have had a great massage and if you are willing your whole life can change, when you have your bars run.

I am a certified Bars Facilitator and offer regular bars classes - please refer to theclass page for more information.

I am based in Penrith and also mobile and will happily travel to you. If you live more than 25 miles from Penrith, there may be an additional petrol cost. 

Sessions can also be arranged in a treatment room in Brampton, nr Carlisle.

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