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Einstein is quoted as saying:- 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Up until a couple of years ago I was the fish - My name is May Lloyd, I didn’t know I lived with autism.

As a child and an adult I was always different, never fitted in, said the wrong things at the wrong time, never had many friends. At school I had to work really really hard to achieve average grades in most subjects - I could not retain the information.

I was stupid

I was useless

I was wrong for being different

When I realised I am autistic it was a weight being lifted off my shoulders and I asked the question “What is right about me I am not getting?” 

I am different - NOT wrong

No two people with autism are the same - like zebras - there are similarities and we are different and one thing is certain zebras are not tigers and someone with autism will always be different to other people in this world. 

From this space I started to explore more about autism and what it is to live with autism as a capacity rather than a disability. “The Joy of Being Autism” was born. “The Joy of Being Autism” is a talk about autism as a capacity and how this has changed my life to waking up happy and joyful, connecting with people all over the world and NEVER to consider myself stupid or useless.

I wonder if a light hearted, fun, non slideshow - yet still informative talk “The Joy of Being Autism”, where questions and participation from the audience is welcome, is something you would consider? 

These talks are at present only available on line - usually via zoom. They can be booked for your specific group of people or you can join one of my public events. When travel restrictions are lifted in the UK these talks will also be available at your gathering.

Using the verbal tools of Access Consciousness I also offer 1:1 sessions (The Joy of Knowing YOU) - maybe you are on the autistic spectrum and are wondering how you can use this to your advantage, maybe you know someone on the spectrum and you would like to understand more about their world - and maybe it is something else

Here are some facts and questions that I personally have looked at a lot and what this is for me

A person with autism has no left or right brain function. What does this mean and what if this is a capacity rather than a disability?

A child with autism often starts talking much later than average. Is this true? What if there are other ways of communicating beyond words?

A person with autism often struggles to interact with others. What if it is possible to ask the question "how does this person interact with other people"

People with autism struggle to do things in order. What if autism is a capacity to have a lot of things going on at the same time - and not having to function from linearity

and did you know that

People with autism don’t judge? They are however highly aware of judgement

To inquire about a private talk for your event either on line or live please contact me.

This is a 3-hour class based on the book "would you teach a fish to climb a tree?" 

You are not required to have read the book prior to the class - you will receive a manual and recording of the class.

Please check my classes page to see if any are scheduled, if none are scheduled please contact me

Join me for a zoom call, where we talk about what it is Being the Joy of Autism.

What is autism - what are the capacities and how are people with autism different - NOT wrong?

Please check my classes page to see if any are scheduled, if none are scheduled please contact me

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