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How a gloom walk turned to joy with a little help from the colour brown


I have wondered how many shades of green there are in nature. I had never asked the same question about brown!

The corona virus is still very present in the world and in the UK the "lockdown" has been extended for a further three weeks. Basically the population in the UK are asked to stay at home unless we have to go out for work, food shopping or ONE daily form of exercise. 

I often walk in a small forest close to my home, where the paths by now are well known. Usually I receive a lot of pleasure from hearing the birds singing and the sense of being in nature, however the other day everything seemed to be brown - It was a sunny and warm day and I wanted everything to be green and cheerful.

The walk wasn't much fun - until I asked a question. "What contribution can the colour brown be to me right now" - Everything changed. I saw all the different shades of brown and the beauty of nature showed up.

"What else is possible that I haven't considered yet" was my next question "What else can I receive from this walk and nature"

Other colours started to show up - at first not a lot and as I changed my point of view about everything being brown - there were different colours everywhere including many shades of green.

The walk went from being a quick 30 minute exercise to a 3 hour journey exploring the beauty of nature. Once again I was reminded that my point of view creates my reality AND I can change it.

Thank you for letting me share my walk with you and I hope you enjoy the photos.

I wonder what contribution nature can be to you?


May Lloyd is joy, magic, and change with a capacity to create this in other people’s world as an Access Consciousness CFMW. She facilitates Access Bars Classes, Access Energetic Facelift, and Access Body Process Classes. She is also an Access Consciousness Abuse Hold Practitioner. She has a passion for working with bodies and creating possibilities of change by using hands on processes.

May also offers verbal facilitation tools to unlock those secret hidden judgements you are not aware exist, allowing you to create space and possibilities for you to choose you without being at the effect of judgements.


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